Product Review – HP Deskjet D1660

HP Deskjet D1660

HP Deskjet D1660

“HP’s latest budget printer is the Deskjet D1660, which has almost no extra features but is praised as doing a good job at text and other occasional, basic printing tasks. The D1660 is very small and light — it measures about 17 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches, and weighs less than 5 pounds. It’s also surprisingly speedy and stylish. Most reviewers and owners feel that the D1660 and its Deskjet brethren are very good value for the money, stressing only that users should be aware of a budget printer’s limitations. The D1660 has a number of drawbacks: it has no dedicated output tray, a limited paper capacity of 80 sheets, a mere 750-sheet monthly duty cycle and no physical controls beyond a power button. Reviewers note that the D1660 is best for occasional printing, since long-term ink consumption can get expensive. There are three colors in one cartridge, which must be replaced when only one color runs out. The Deskjet D1660 only has a 90-day warranty (most printers are covered for a year), though HP’s phone support continues until a year after purchase.” – From (Read full article here)

You can purchase ink cartridges for this printer here: Ink Cartridges for the HP Deskjet D1660 (60, 60XL)

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